Open Water Group Rates

Open Water Group discount rates apply when you have more than 1 diver signing up at the same time- rates will only apply if all of the divers in the group follow the same schedule of training. No group discount will be given if the group requires private, express, or custom training.

Discounts are as follows for group signup, in order to be eligible for the group discount, the training must be completed with the group, any makeup training for individuals who miss a scheduled group training date will be addl fee of $25 per person per makeup class

Each diver must complete both sections : Academic and In-water scuba training to be eligible for certification

Academic training (remains the same)- 

Online video interactive course (10-12 hours)- $185 per person, CLICK HERE to sign up for your online training and get started today!

Home study (includes book) with 1-2 evening workshops - $185 per person

Classroom course (includes book and 1 evening per week at dive shop) perfect for groups!-

  • $250 for 1 person

  • $185 each for 2 people

  • $165 each for 3 people

  • $145 each for 4 more more people

In water scuba training-

Cost for 1 person: $275.00 (in addition to academic training cost) Prices include pool training as well as 4 certification dives in open water during regular training dates as per the schedule. 

2 people- $261.25 each

3 people- $247.50 each

4 or more people- $233.75 each